For the past seven years, I have had the joy of being a part of a symbol that has reached thousands of people across the world.

First conceived in 2017, I now have stickers, t-shirts, bags, water bottles, neon lights, and at any time a stack of 50,000 tattoos. Recognized globally by strangers, the symbol creates connection and represents unity and love. My journey continues to have pain and joy, contraction, expansion, like a breath one not being bad or good, just a part of the rhythm of life.

The Zeroone Story

Joe Dispenza 2017

February 2017: Neil (Co-Founder) and I went to a Dispenza Advanced Workshop and were inspired after a group meditation to create an app that would help connect all of us. Within 2 weeks, we registered our company Universal Coherence Inc., and a few months later we already had a name and logo, Oneness.

“I don’t think it’s called oneness,” Neil says to me as he walks into my clinic. Shocked as this was months into our development of the alpha app. A few days later Neil comes into my clinic, “I have it written on 4 papers that are in each pocket” – the system points to the back right pocket, Zero One was written.

My system, similar to applied kinesiology, developed while practicing Chiropractic, used to receive a yes or no answer.

Soon it was time to create our new logo and through connection, and trust we used unconventional ways to co-create the zeroone symbol. Through a process of asking questions and receiving Yes/No answers we were shown that it was the inner o’s of the zerOOne app name. Our logo came through first with the instructions, “its two circles within 6”, Neil showed me the next day 6 different drawings printed from a web search. I checked, all of them are “No”. Further questions reveal that Neil will meditate and see it. Days later and a couple of sessions of questioning we completed the zeroone symbol in color. To see the color – Neil was on his back, and while I am looking at the coloer wheel I am turning Neils feet to tune into the exact number. What we created was a quantum symbol that inclues: Fibonacci sequence of Vesica Pisces. 8 circles total in a green and blue iridescent.

Burning Man 2017

The Tattoo was born.
It was September 2017 and I had come back from Burning Man and I thought about getting a tattoo of our Zeroone Logo. So I printed 45 temporary tattoos because I wanted to know where I liked it, as this would be my first tattoo and I wasn’t sure where it felt right. Neil and I started to wear them. For us it became fun to share them with our friends. And their reaction was the icing on the cake, everyone wanted to put it on.

Background Zeroone App Development

In February 2017 we returned from Florida Dispenza and that week we found our developer. We met every Friday at my clinic, Neil, Jawaad, and myself. Jawaad would come with a set of questions and we would use the system to determine the answer. Then a week of programming. No user journey, a one-time answer that set our path of UX and UI. This journey continues today as we now are in development with the commercial app.

It was October 2017 and we had our advanced Dr. Joe Dispenza Lucid Dreaming retreat in a few weeks. Opening night was a party to dress up as if you were in a dream. Because of being a Burner this always came

Outfit for Dream Party

easy for me. A friend of mine had purple capes made, I put the logo on the shirt and printed 1000 tattoos to give. The logo on the shirt attracted friends who were then tattooed. My intention was to give the tattoo, then talk about the app. However we didnt talk about the app, we talked about the logo. That soon had a meaning, a feeling, a name, and fans.

Dress as your Dream Party


Sidenote: Ican get nervous coming to an event where I know no one. Neil was nowhere to be found so coming to this event alone, dressed up can feel big. The tattoos made it easy, asking people if they would like a gift made it more approachable as everyone said yes.

It was a symbol and everyone wanted them, that’s how it was described to me. No longer a logo, they took it for their friends, and some even asked for their tattoo artists. It was described as ; “a portal, unity, activates love”,And that is the first event we activated love at.

Activate Love begins.

“We created a license to love” Neil says to me at our first event, February 14, 2018. That night we had 6 friends volunteer to ‘activate love’ at the door, See Valentine’s Day Activation Activate Love is spending a moment in presence with another, as you put the tattoo on the skin, spray and then hold it, it becomes a meaningful moment. Our activation includes asking if they have an intention stating out loud “I am..” (today we ask do you have a Wish?) The symbol is an imprint that reminds you of your human connection, lasting for a few days and seen by many. That first booked event we activated over 100 people, had a blast doing, connected with the entire party, and this was only the beginning.

Wisdom 2.0, Activating founder Soren

People liked what it did for themselves and wanted to share it with others. September that year we activated at Tony Robbins in Toronto. This was a first for me. Neil was away, thankfully with the help of the conscious community we were able to rally crew of twenty love activators who would connect with over 1200 people. See Tony Robbins Activation.   That night we had an outdoor tent and activated the Elevate Tech Festival. Love activation was happening. The symbol was

connecting people, events and even music. Very soon I flew to San Fransisco to attend Wisdom 2.0, and visit Google headquarters.  Found on the cover of a George HarrisionTribute album or on the stage of a Randy Bachman concert. And those most impacted have permanently tattooed it, totalling over 25 now.





Background Zeroone App development
Covid happens, yadda yadda yadda, events stop, Neil stops traveling, and we begin again programming zeroone. We launch an alpha version 2020, discovering that people want to give, and giving a minute to another is a meaningful act. Declined Dragons Den, and accepted and completed The Founders Institute. This sparked our app name to change from zeroone to WishWell.

Love Activation is still happening and our 2.0 process is called a Wish Activation. Both are seen as an act of compassion, a presence process, a gifting of time and attention, a moment spent together, and the tattoo is the tool to break the barriers that separate us and leave a visual impression of the moment shared. Shared globally we now can capture each moment by scanning a qrcode. This world map is slowly lighting up as we begin to share from person to person our moments of shared love. Together we see ourselves connected to a compassionate world. We have activated at many events, left tattoos at many places, and inspired many ambassadors around the world.

Please join us to share a moment of your presence.

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