In our loving world of WishWell, each term and feature of the app carries a vibration of compassion, connection, and collective well-being. Whether you’re new to our village (welcome, we are so grateful you’re here!) or have been around since the zeroone days, let’s brush up on all of the WishWell words you need to know:

WishWell Village Phraseology


Let’s begin with one of the most important ones. We define compassion as an “act of love toward another” and use it interchangeably with love, kindness, support, and goodwill.

Zeroone Symbol

The name of our symbol (and logo), represents unity and love. You will find it as the key anchor for our tattoo blessings, within the app, and pretty much anywhere Scott and/or Leena have travelled 😉


Here, a wish is not just a personal desire but a beacon that illuminates the path for collective support and shared dreams. Your wish is a call to WishWell Village, inviting them to rally, uplift, and crowdfocus your dreams into reality.


Our blessings are an act of compassion. A present, shared moment between humans, visualizing the hopes and dreams of someone asking for support and change. Don’t let the simplicity of this mini-ritual go unnoticed, the impact on your well-being is profound.


Gratitude is not just an expression of thanks; it’s a practice that deepens connections and amplifies the spirit of giving. Through the current gratitude, our users acknowledge the support received and contribute to the infinite cycle of compassion.

The Giver

The Giver acts with compassion by gifting their time and attention to bless the Wish of another. In our tattoo ritual, The Giver is the person who is applying the tattoo and activating The Receiver.

The Receiver

On the App, the Receiver is the person asking for support and creating a Wish. They also receive personal notes from The Givers. In our tattoo ritual, The Receiver is the person receiving the tattoo on their skin.

The Witness

The Witnesses are our silent supporters, the one who observes, acknowledges, and amplifies the collective energy. On the app, we’ve built several ways to see the exchange of love including The Compassion Map, The Well, and the flow of blessings and gratitude on each Wish. In our tattoo ritual, the Witness holds the vision of The Receiver and recognizes the act of compassion by the Giver.

Heart Coherence

Heart coherence is another way to say one heart, one mind. It’s a unification of the mind, body, and spirit. When we bring together our entire beings, individually and as a collective, we can tap into the universal energy that allows us to shift our realities.

Love Activation

Love activations were the original Blessing within our village. We realized that our temporary tattoos of the zeroone symbol ignited deep connected moments. Now we use the term to refer to the tattoos as well as the carrying of our mission that compassion, begins with us, and as ambassadors of WishWell Village, we can activate love whereever we go.


Intentional is so 2023. Attentional means reclaiming your attention (with intention) and using it as a force for good.


WishWell is the next evolution in crowdfunding. Your attention is the currency and your Wish is the campaign where you ask for support. We know our attention is valuable — it builds billion-dollar companies. We also know it holds immense power to shift our reality.

Join WishWell and feel happy.

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