In the age of social echo chambers, negativity feeds headlines and algorithms that alter our perception of reality. At WishWell, we choose a new way. We believe that bringing awareness to the good, creates more goodwill. That’s why we built our app to measure and compassion so we can all be witness to everyday acts of compassion.

Here’s all the ways we’re combining data and kindness so you can see the good:

WishWell Goodwill

Compassion in Numbers: Measuring the Impact

WishWell introduces the concept of goodwill statistics, quantifying the ripple effect of compassion. These stats go beyond traditional metrics, offering insights into the profound impact of Wishes, Blessings, Gratitude, and the precious gift of time for others.  We already collect steps, heart rate, hours slept, and calories burned, now you can measure your goodwill in minutes given and received.

Wishes: Stories in Stats

Each Wish is not just a story; it’s a data point in the symphony of compassion. Goodwill Stats capture the essence of every Wish in your My WishWell and The Compassion Map, revealing the collective aspirations of a community striving for positive change in the lives of its members.

Blessings: Acts of Compassion in Countable Moments

Goodwill Stats showcase the collective time spent intentionally focused on Wishes in one-minute guided prayers or meditations, turning time into a currency of love. Each minute is a meaningful act of compassion. See your total time given on the Homescreen (Blessings) above your Wish Wheel.

Gratitude: A Cycle of Appreciation in Numbers

Gratitude, expressed through written and audio-recorded responses from Blessings, creates a thriving culture of reciprocity within the WishWell App. Our Goodwill Stats track and strengthen the bonds of connection that deepen relationships and help us feel better.

The Most Compassionate City: A Data-Driven Title

Our innovative and one-of-a-kind Compassion Map introduces a captivating concept—The Most Compassionate City. Goodwill Stats are the main criteria for this title, showcasing cities that embody the spirit of love through their collective acts of compassion (a total of Wishes, Blessings, and Gratitude).  See whose city is the most compassionate for 12, or 24 hours, 7 or 30 days, the place might just be your city.

The Four Intentions: A Compassionate Light

The heartbeat of WishWell lies in the Four Wish Intentions: Love, Peace, Health, and Abundance. Currently collected and displayed on each Wish (but not yet quantified), our intentions reveal our global hopes and dreams. It’s a number we one day hope to use in-app to blur the lines of what separates us.

Witnessing Compassion: A Well of Oxytocin

Beyond numbers, witnessing compassion is a powerful experience. When we see compassion we release as much oxytocin as those that gave and received. This bonding hormone, often associated with giving, relaxation, and happiness, becomes a physiological testament to the profound impact of compassion. While it may not show numbers, your Well is your in-app feed that is 100% pure love, kindness, and gratitude.

In conclusion, WishWell is your pocket-sized portal to kindness and goodwill stats so you know how you’re contributing to a more compassionate, connected world, one minute at a time.

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