After we built WishWell’s alpha app, we realized we cracked the code on how to help us all feel better, do good, and elevate our personal and community outcomes in just sixty seconds. We know. It sounds too good to be true.

We thought so too, until 100% of alpha users felt better after using it, agreed that just one minute of their time was a meaningful act of compassion, and experienced changes at accelerated rates.

With over seven years of research and development, we know we’ve crafted a multi-faceted tool that has massive potential. It combines the science of compassion, quantum physics, and genuine human connection — transforming the mind, body, and spirit of all users.

WishWell is a Scientifically-Encoded App

We’ve spent over seven years researching and developing our app. Here are all the ways we’ve intentionally built features to provide you with the most potent tool possible.

Want to feel better? Give.

Simple acts of kindness have profound health benefits. When we give, our bodies release Oxytocin. This hormone relaxes us, decreases pain, increases happiness, and is linked to longevity and increased immunity.

Here are a (just) few more physiological benefits of goodwill: Increased serotonin levels, rewiring of the brain (neuroplasticity), emotional regulation, recovery from disease, moments of fun or silliness, optimism, feelings of hope, and decreased stress, depression, blood pressure, and inflammation

What other medicine can say that?

Encoded in WishWell: On WishWell, we give our time and attention with a 60-second guided blessing (meditation or prayer). This micro-act of kindness is how your loved one receives support. After each Blessing, send a personal note to give even more love and well wishes.

Want to feel more connected? Give.

In a post-pandemic world, we are more disconnected than ever. Many are experiencing feelings of isolation, mental health crises, and loss of community. Research shows it takes a community to thrive — the strength of your relationships directly influences your well-being.

As you may remember, when we give, oxytocin is released in the body. In addition to being a feel-good hormone, Oxytocin is also a bonding hormone. It helps us connect with others, elevating when we hug, have a baby, or do good. Studies show acts of kindness also help people deal with interpersonal issues and find greater satisfaction in relationships.

Encoded in WishWell: Beyond the Blessings on WishWell, invite your communities to unite in a common goal of support. It’s a safe place to deepen your relationships, be vulnerable, ask for help, and give to the people you cherish most. The reciprocity of love and collective intention naturally strengthens all human connections.

Meditation and prayer have lots of benefits, too.

Countless studies have demonstrated the power of prayer and micro-meditation and the transformations to physical and emotional well-being when practiced daily. The difference between WishWell and other meditation apps? Here you are showing up for another.

Encoded in WishWell: Your giving, your way. Choose to bless wishes through a guided meditation or prayer. No matter the format, each blessing is crafted to help you slow down, find presence, re-attune to love and focus on the Wish’s intention.

Your attention is the most powerful currency you have.

Your attention is extremely valuable (worth roughly $816 per day!). It builds billion-dollar tech giants and social influencers. There’s no questioning we’re in attention economy but have you questioned where you are giving yours? Recent polls show that the average person spends 2 hours and 24 minutes a day on social media. What if you gave just eight minutes of that to change someone’s life?

Encoded in WishWell: Our app provides a new alternative to redirect your attention and use it as a force for good. You hold the power to change not just your well-being, but the lives of others, too. Continue reading to find out…

It takes only 40 seconds of compassion to change someone’s life.

A surgeon-patient study found just 40 seconds of compassion had profound health benefits and accelerated healing, yet we give hours of our time away without any positive impact.

Encoded in WishWell: On WishWell we gift 60 seconds of our presence to another. Not to brag, but it’s 20 seconds more than science proves is needed. We believe micro-acts of compassion are the key to help us all feel happier, healthier, and more connected.

Witnessing compassion is just as powerful as being the giver or the receiver.

That’s right. Witnesses receive the same oxytocin boost and inspire more goodwill. Seeing good creates more good and we believe it’s time again to bring awareness to the beauty in the world. Our app is 100% love, kindness, and gratitude.

Encoded in WishWell: To amplify and harness the science of witnessing, WishWell tracks all compassion and displays it in many ways. The Compassion Map showcases our global good, while your Well is a positive in-app feed of blessings and gratitude. Seeing the good feels good and creates more good. Well, good!

We can change each other’s lives from a distance.

Using what Einstein called, “spooky action at a distance” we, as particles of the universe, are intrinsically connected, no matter how far apart. That means that we hold the power to influence the energy fields of others, even if we aren’t physically near. Furthermore, books like Lynn Mctaggerats’s “The Power of Eight” demonstrate how prayer can heal from a distance.

Encoded in WishWell: Our app automates and scales the support for your Wish, allowing it to be blessed by anyone, anywhere in the world. Through facilitating a quantum field for giving and receiving, WishWell helps us defy space and time to create meaningful connections

And quantumly shift our realities through our attention and focus.

Our thoughts are created by our reality. Imagine hundreds of people also having the same thought (a.k.a. your Wish). How could that change your life?

Encoded in WishWell: WishWell is intentionally crafted to transform your reality through crafting Wishes in the present tense and guiding your community to visualize it with you.

Learn more about quantum physics and WishWell here.

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