WishWell is an app all about empathy and gratitude, built on the understanding that uniting our hearts in goodwill can create powerful collective shifts.  Our motto is We Before Me. We crafted the app with the utmost intention to use it mindfully and with ease.

Here are the top features you will discover when you download:

The Top WishWell Features


It all begins with the ask. WishWell was created to seek support for yourself or a loved one. The intention of your Wish, picture, and description is your opportunity to tell your story and create a safe space for the power of blessings and gratitude.

The Four Intentions 

Each Wish is created with one of four intentions for your community to focus on: Love, Peace, Health or Abundance. This intention will dictate the one-minute guided prayer or meditation blessing.

  • Love: All is love.
  • Peace: For times of unrest in a family, community, or the world
  • Health: For times of feeling unwell
  • Abundance: For times of scarcity and financial struggle


A blessing is a prayer or meditation that you perform for someone else. Each blessing is crafted to help you slow down, find presence, re-attune to love, and focus on the wish’s intention.  Each minute spent is a meaningful act of compassion, as time is our most valuable asset to give to another.

The Wish Wheel

The circle of eight empty bubbles that houses your day’s wishes for eight minutes of goodwill if you bless each wish. You can load up your Wishes through Favourites, Suggested (random), or Least Blessed.


Reciprocity is in WishWell’s DNA. Thank your well-wishers through written and audio-recorded responses to share gratitude and updates. Gratitude is visible in your Well and beneath your Wish.

The Well

A feed like no other, The Well, is where you will find all your activity on the app including Empathy Statistics, new wishes in your communities, and received gratitude from your blessings. Filter by Community, Wish or friend and consume your daily dose of goodwill.


We believe in being a part, not apart. Whether your family, Recovery group, school classroom, or local coffee shop, WishWell Communities are your sanctuary to ask for help and support others.

Compassion Map

If our perceptions create our reality, then it’s time again to see the good. The Compassion Map is our powerful tool to see the exchange of love happening from within your communities to the other side of the world.

The Most Compassionate City

The Most Compassionate City in WishWell is a geographical location that embodies the highest ideals of compassion. It’s bragging rights that you live in the most loving city in the world, where compassion is a priority. The Compassion Map crowns the city every 12 hours.

Goodwill Stats

Discover your participation in our movement towards a more compassionate world. Your Empathy Statistics collect your activity in the app through gifted empathy, blessings, and gratitude. Find them under My WishWell, accessed through your profile picture in the upper right cover on your main Blessings screen with the WishWheel.

Global Wishes

A Global Wish for all of us. Peace, love, abundance, and good health for humanity. WishWell includes Global Wishes for positive change, a wish that echoes across borders, cultures, and communities, amplifying our impact on a global scale. Find them Under Wishes>Global.

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