Focusing our mind leads to very powerful change. The journey begins with the understanding that attention is not a passive state; it is an active force that shapes our thoughts and feelings. It’s our most powerful commodity and it’s being hijacked. WishWell is your new mindfulness app that challenges users to recognize the worth of their attention and directs it purposefully towards the hopes and dreams of others.

Understanding the Power of Our Attention

We are distracted and consumed by people, by things, and knowledge that we are not asking for. Currently, it goes by mindless scrolling, or dooms scrolling and it fills our time, lots of it, on average over 2 hours a day. Breaking the habit is not easy as algorithms are built to keep your attention by knowing what keeps your interest. Yet we literally give it away. Today’s attention economy has collectively built billion-dollar companies and made individuals rich. If attention is about being present with a focal point in the mind, then what would happen if you focused it on a friend.

On WishWell we ask you to give a minute of your time to another. Your attention is your most valuable asset.   Sayings like: “where your attention goes, your energy flows” remind us of how important it is to pay attention to what we think, and how strongly we feel. So if we were to harness the attention for good, how would that look?  How do we capture our attention for betterment of our friends and family?

Quantum Entanglement

Because we are connected.  Einstein calls it “spooky action at a distance” and therefore its powerful for me to see you in your highest potential and not as a victim of your situation.  I dive deeper in this in the blog post regarding Quantum Physics and WishWell.

Where does our reality get formed from?

Our hopes, dreams, and Wishes are often rooted in scarcity coupled with high emotion, that transforms it into a our reality.  With the synergy of attention, intention, and emotion we shape a reality that fits into the collective.
If attention is like an address to where you want to go and if Intention is the route to get there, then emotion is the fuel. These three create our reality, as a collective, and as one.

According to science and to the laws of attraction in the world of frequency, like attracts like. This is where we can help each other with WishWell. You can have a want, maybe its your mother being out of pain, but you feel sad seeing her cry, so when you pray for this you feel sad, and its hard to see her as they way you want her to be.  When I think of your mom feeling your best I am able to focus on pure love and better health, which gives us a higher probability of a positive outcome.  If our attention is so powerful than why are not paying attention more?

Make Your Attention Count

Its time to have sovereignty over our attention and use it for good.
WishWell is a tool to focus our attention on another’s wish and harness the power of the collective. The app’s functionality is straightforward. Users can express their wishes, and others can respond by offering their attention to those specific aspirations. When a Wish is created, and support is rallied, then we start to access the attention of many towards what we desire. Attention is a key ingredient in Mindfulness. The app acts as an attention facilitator to extend a micro-mindful-moment to the wishes expressed by others.

Want to ask for a friend?

Making a wish for another is asking others to unite around someone’s hopes. Maybe its your Aunt who is alone, or your Niece who has a Soccer tournament, wishing for another is a powerful first step.
Once created your friend will have to approve the Wish before it is allowed to be rallied. Maybe they want to change the photo, or other details, or maybe they want this to remain private, no wish is revealed till it’s Ok’d by the Wish hosts.

Attentional Micro-Giving 

We’ve all been challenged with meditation.  Even 10 minutes sitting quietly, present, and mindful is a challenge.  This is why its difficult to make it a habit and yet the research is clear, meditating is very very good for your well-being.  WishWell asks you to meditate for one-minute at a time. Science continues to show the benefits of logging mindfulness minutes. Manage stress, better sleep and less pain have all happened with micro-mindful moments.

Make your Attention Intentional: How to write a good Wish

Set the intention of Peace, Love, Health, or Abundance. What is the desire? Focus on the desire, with some details about the Why. The more visual your description the better keeping in mind the saying “where you attention goes, your energy flows”.
The photo should also be a happy photo, seeing a positive picture helps further our energy towards our or their hopes.
The app then unifies a group’s attention around the Wish.

Crowdfunding to Crowdfocus

A model that resembles this ask and receive is GoFundMe where we give our support financially. WishWell offers a new way to harness the power of community. Think of a Wish as a campaign, and giving your time as currency.
Science has demonstrated that our collective attention can influence others from a distance. Demonstrated in experiments and highlighted in books like The Power of 8 (Lynn Mctaggert)

WishWell is a mindfulness app that scales our collective attention.

Join us on the WishWell journey, where your attention becomes a valuable currency, and together, we scale our ability to uplift each other that transcends the digital realm.

Please give generously on WishWell.

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