In the last several years, “quantum” has become a huge buzzword in the conscious and self-development communities, but what does it actually mean? More importantly, how does it apply to WishWell? Most importantly, how do we leverage Quantum Physics through the app?

Quantum Physics 101

Let’s first start with what we most likely learned in school, Newtonian Physics. The main principles are:

  • Everything is predictable.
  • Logic and mathematics can explain everything. If you have understood how the most basic processes in the universe works, you can make predictions about the bigger events.
  • The world is made of matter
  • Your reality is what you can perceive.

In the 1920s, a new science emerged called Quantum which allowed us to describe the interaction between energy and matter. One experiment that explains Quantum (and relates to WishWell) is the Double Slit Experiment. It consisted of a light shining through 2 slits to create a pattern dependent on someone observing, shifting the light from a wave to a particle. In other words, observing something can change the outcome. Our attention can transform our reality and we’re just beginning to understand its immense power.

“The birth of quantum physics brought science and spirituality into alignment.”
― Kenneth Schmitt, Quantum Energetics and Spirituality Volume 1: Aligning with Universal Consciousness

The main principles of Quantum Physics are:

  • Everything exists in the form of pure potential or possibilities. The act of observation (observer effect) collapses the possibilities into a reality. Thus our conscious focus can influence the experiences we have in our lives.
  • An electron can jump from one energy level (orbital, shell) to another energy level, without actually moving through the space in-between. It just changes its energy state. This suggests how ‘miracles’ defy time.
  • Both the laws of wave (energy) and particle (matter) apply to every one of us. We all have our Energy Existence too.

The Observer Effect

The Observer Effect shows that when an observer focuses on any one location of energy, the physical, (particle) will appear there. If there is no observer, then the electron returns to being energy (wave). The conclusion is that our focused thought causes wave energy to condense and become matter —  a.k.a. we can manifest things in our reality just through our attention.

WishWell Quantum Features

We built the WishWell app as a simple yet potent tool to leverage the limitless potential of the quantum realm and create real positive change in our lives.

  • Focus: Our act of giving – For one minute we visualize the hopes and dreams of a friend. – We are entangled.
  • Observation: As we see the desired Wish, we begin to collapse energy into reality. Then we further witness all our contribution as the positive feed creates a ripple.
  • Amplification: Rallying friends, adding Communities, and creating Co-Hosts increases the ‘Observers’ and time spent focusing on a Wish.
  • Entanglement: If you observe a particle in one place, another particle will instantly change its properties, as if the two are connected by a mysterious communication channel. Einstein termed it “Spookie action at a distance” that defies both space and time.  Using technology + entanglement we are able to blur the lines of distance allowing us to collectively support each others dreams, without any limitations.

If we harness our focus and become mindful of each other’s desired Wishes, then we can shift matters to meet our minds and hearts. But it takes us to be present, to be mindful, and to focus on people, not mindlessly giving it away. WishWell is a tool that focuses your attention bringing the power of quantum physics in your hands.

WishWell Quantum Entanglement Features


A Wish on WishWell isn’t just a simple desire; it becomes encoded through our relationship of giver and receiver. The Wish comprises a photo, a visualization prompt, and a story description giving us a complete destination of intention. When a user sends a blessing, they are engaging in a form of quantum entanglement, putting their attention on the wish and creating a mysterious connection, much like entangled particles in the quantum realm. The powerful phenomenon has mostly been studied until now and WishWell is implementing and scaling it for mass change.


As you infuse Wishes with love and intention, the quantum entanglement within the app creates a subtle yet powerful connection between you and whoever you bless. Your compassionate intention as you hold the vision of the Wish resonates across the quantum field, instantly touching the heart and soul of your loved one, no matter where they are in the world.

See the Good

The entanglement doesn’t end with the wish or the blessing. The Well, WishWell’s positive feed of love, serves as the gathering place for these quantum connections. Here, wishes, blessings, and gratitude notes or voice messages come together, creating a web of positive energy and interconnected compassion. What the Well brings is the power of the observer effect, another Quantum Principle.

Shifting Collective Realities Through Seeing Our Wishes

As users engage in the quantum of creating and supporting wishes, they become entangled in a community that is holding the Wish. The instantaneous, seemingly magical connection mirrors the mysterious entanglement of particles in the quantum world. WishWell becomes a platform where individuals, no matter how far apart, are connected by the threads that create one mind, and one heart, and transcend distance and space. Then using technology we raise the energy by inviting our community to invest their attention in one Wish.

Why WishWell?

WishWell, with its infusion of quantum principles, transforms a mere concept into a tangible experience that when used as a tool will uplift our communities and bring our hopes into reality.

Join us where every wish and blessing contributes to the beauty of ‘spooky action at a distance”.
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