Do you have a wish? The answer is most likely yes! Whether better mental health, a better paying job, or finding true love, We all have something we want to shift in our lives. The difference between Creating a Wish on WishWell and wishing upon a shooting star or 11:11 on the microwave?

WishWell is encoded with science, quantumly-charged, and intentionally crafted to help your wish come true.

On WishWell, no wish is too big or too small, but it all begins with an ask. Rally your community to hold your vision and amplify its outcome through a phenomenon known as quantum entanglement. The key to creating the most potent Wish on the app comes down to one thing — using the present tense in your Wish Description.

Creating a Wish on WishWell 101

While most of us are aware of where we need support in love, peace, abundance, or health, it does not come naturally to state what we want in the present tense as if has already happened. Furthermore, it can be difficult to find the words to ask your community to visualize when you have not yet arrived at the change you want to see.

Creating a Wish on WishWell

Why Your Grammatical Tense Matters

Frame your Wish in the present tense — as time is subjective in the quantum realms. Present tense unites your feelings and desires and transforms wishes from future aspirations to current realities. Crafting your Wish using present tense language guides friends to concentrate on the desired outcome and not what you feel is currently lacking.

Top manifesting experts agree that our language and thoughts are the building blocks of our reality. Shifting your Wish to the present tense solidifies the amount of energy that resonates with your Wish’s highest outcome (but first you have to ask for help).

Ask To Be Seen

The first critical step in creating a Wish is asking for help. We know it can be challenging. Many of our alpha users reported that it felt easier to give than to receive, but what they also discovered was that embracing vulnerability, despite its initial discomfort, has transformative power.

We built WishWell as a safe place to ask for support, surrounded by the people who matter most. Be specific and succinct in your ask so that your community can best visualize it during each 60-second blessing. Your Intention, Wish description, and photo are the blueprints to a reality that isn’t too far away.

Visualizing The Wish

Seeing a wish as if has already happened when giving a blessing becomes easier when you express the wish in clear and precise terms. Make your wish tangible by specifying the details. Instead of a generic “healthy,” envision a scenario representing your well-being and how you want to feel in your body. If finding the right descriptive words is challenging, ask to be seen as excited for positive outcomes.

For instance, rather than a generic wish for a dream vacation, specify the scene: “See me sipping a margarita on the beach in Puerta Vallarta, Mexico.” Enhance it by expressing your emotions: “See me in childlike joy and adventure as I play on the beach in Mexico.”

More Examples

Searching for love a new relationship? Write your desired Wish as, “See me happy in a loving relationship,” instead of “I wish to no longer be lonely.”

Instead of…”I wish to no longer be sick and weak” try “See me as fully healed, vibrant, and strong in my body.”

Instead of…”I wish to my debt with no more money issues” try “See me in an infinite well of abundance.”

Instead of…”I wish to get rid of my anxiety and self-doubt,” try “See me calm, confident, and peaceful in my body.”

Instead of…”I wish to leave this job that drains my soul,” try “See me jumping for joy as I accept my dream job.”

The possibilities are endless when you leverage the science built into WishWell to change your reality. Learn more about how the app works here.

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