If we have discovered anything at WishWell Village over the past seven years, it’s this: We are all wishing for the same thing. After hearing thousands of wishes from all around the world, we have created our list of wishes that we wish to see on Planet Earth.

We wish to be part of a compassionate community.   Imagine the potential for change if we rally to support members of our community through the power of unified focus. We invite you to bring your community and experience the beauty of one mind, one heart.

We wish for love, peace, abundance, and good health for allIt can be difficult to see our own wishes come true or ask others for help. WishWell is your safe space to ask and receive. Let your community hold the wish for you.

We wish to reclaim our attention.   We know our attention is valuable — it builds billion-dollar companies. A recent report found the average person spent 144 minutes per day mindlessly scrolling. Take back your sense of agency and break free from giving away your most valuable asset.

We wish to see a kinder world.  Studies show that witnessing compassion is just as impactful as being the giver or receiver. WishWell leverages technology to bring awareness to the good.

We wish to unite humanity.  Join our global village to bless our wishes for Earth such as healing for sick children, peace, and love for those affected by natural disasters. When we unite to visualize a better world, we blur the lines of what separates us.

We wish to live in a world where wishes do come true, join us on WishWell.

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