Jesse lives in Toronto, Ontario

Our Love Ambassadors help us co-create a more compassionate world by gifting tattoo blessings at their retreats, events, on travels, or to strangers along the way. Here’s what Jesse had to say about his journey as one of the first Ambassadors for WishWell Village:

Here are Jesse’s experiences in his own words:

My mission on earth is to bring people together and co-create a New Earth of healing, love, community, togetherness, and compassion.

Compassion, to me, is the act of sharing love with others. It’s also receiving that love and being witness to their experience by showing empathy and being connected to that journey through embodying that love in all moments to raise the frequency of this planet.

The WishWell symbol means a lot to me because it means the connection of the two to the one. It is the vesica piscis in sacred geometry that quantifies and amplifies in all directions. Resonating with the blue Throat Chakra frequencies and the green Heart Chakra frequencies and bringing those together in the expression of community.

The symbol is so special. I love sharing it with everybody.

The mission of compassion speaks to me in a very loud way because I think there’s been a lot of dissonance in terms of human beings being compassionate toward each other.

In mainstream culture, there’s a lot of disconnection between people, so I see WishWell’s mission of compassion as a way, as I said with the vesica piscis, bringing the two to the one and realizing that we are all one. The more that we can love each other more that we’re going to love ourselves more. The more we take care of everyone else, we’re going to be taken care of.

The thing that really excites me about this project is that it’s not a local, small thing. It’s a big idea. It has the potential to really bring together the masses in a global way. And right now I think on earth because we are so disconnected in so many ways it’s time to unify as a species of humans.

I invite you all to love yourself unconditionally, so you can love others unconditionally and compassionately.

If you are interested in spreading the love in-person through our tattoo blessings, learn more about becoming an Ambassador here.

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