Frequently Asked Questions

Ask and you shall receive.


The tattoos are an in-person tool to activate wishes in a connected, compassionate moment between humans. The app scales and amplifies these moments.

We are always looking for heart-centered people to help us share our tools with the collective. You can learn more here.

Our tattoo blessings are always gifted and can be found in businesses or through our Ambassadors.

Yes! We sponsor and facilitate many events across the world. Learn more here.

The App

You can report a Wish, Blessing, Gratitude, or Community if you feel it does not follow our Community Guidelines. Click Report – and fill in your reason, this will notify the Admin to evaluate it and either delete or approve the action.  


These buttons quick load Wishes for your day’s blessings. Favourites pulls from those you have hearted. Suggested randomly selects from your three lists. Least Blessed loads Wishes you have blessed the least.

That’s your daily counter of Blessings, start your day with zero and count one minute at a time up.  At 8 and 16 the counter changes color to let you know you have done a full rotation of the Wish Wheel. 

You can click on a plus + and then select your Wish, or you can go into Wishes and find the wish, click on the Pin icon and it will add to your Wheel.


Received Wishes are from others who are asking for support. Requested are Wishes you created for yourself or another asking for support.

A Global Wish is a Wish for all humans, all the world, all our children,  all animals, for all.

A wish for yourself is for you.  When you make a Wish for a dear friend, then you click others.  The Wish will then be sent to them for approval.  They can change everything, description, picture and who you invited, They can also add more friends, and communities to rally more people.

When describing a Wish, first start with what you want the person to visualize.  Starting with the words See me, or See (whoever the Wish is for) and followed by a positive outcome to the Wish. Afterwards, if you want to give context to the Wish you can give some details.  End with gratitude for their blessings.

A Co-Host has permission to Rally their Contacts, Communities, and Co-Hosts.  This function increases the number of people invited to Bless your Wish.  The more Co-Hosts, the greater the number of people who see your Wish happening. Think of inviting your closest friends or family to be the Co-Hosts.

Hearted Wishes are your favourites.  Click the Heart in the Search Bar of Wishes and this will show you your favourites, or hearted Wishes.

Create a Wish for yourself and just make sure it’s clear in the Photo and the Wish Description.

The Wish will no longer be on your Wish List, but will remain on everyone else’s.  The host will not know that you removed their Wish, this is kept private for you. 

If you want to create a link to share a Wish on other platforms then click Share.  This creates a link to share and gather support.  Only those that are Hosts, or Co-Hosts of a Wish can share a Wish.

When you close a Wish, you will be prompted to send Gratitude one last time to all who Blessed your Wish.  Deleting a Wish, closes the Wish, with no Gratitude.  In both cases, the Wish will no longer be able to be blessed by your friends.  You will still have access to the Blessings in the Well, but you will no longer be able to see the Wish and its Blessings in your Wish List.

Click on a Wish to find the list of all the Blessings and Gratitude that were given and received by those invited to support the Wish. 


The Map uses all app data on compassion (Wishes, Blessings and Gratitude) and your location determined by your phone’s location to increase the city’s counter.  The filter allows you to change the stats by 12 hours, 24 hours, 7 days, and 30 days.  The default is All Time.

We use your lactation to propagate the Map with compassionate data. Science shows that witnessing compassion is just as powerful as being the giver or receiver, and the Compassion Map shows all the acts of love happening in the app around the world.


This is your feed of positive love.  Find your blessings, gratitude, and Wishes here.


Community allows you to organize your friends and family that have a common purpose or intention.  Creating a Wish in a Community allows for only those people to be a part of blessing it.  It allows you to feel safe as those people are whom you have a relationship with and will see your Wish.

Look for an orange dot at the top right corner, this shows there is an invitation waiting.  View the Community and click accept, you are now part of the Community.

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