On the WishWell App, we cracked the code on how to micro-give to others straight from your mobile device. 100% of our alpha users agreed that the 60-second blessings easily integrated into their daily routine and provided an alternative to mindless (doom) scrolling.

We understand that implementing a new daily habit and practice, so we’ve done the planning for you. Here’s all the places you may consider blessing a few Wishes to infuse your day with kindness:

Waiting for Someone

Whether it’s a friend running late or a colleague catching up, turn waiting time into a moment of compassion. Instead of mindlessly scrolling through social media, open your WishWell app and send a quick blessing to someone you care about.

Scrolling Social Media

Next time you find yourself mindlessly scrolling through social media, consider a digital detox with a twist. Instead of endless scrolling, take a break and spend a few moments on WishWell. Feel good while you give your attention to someone you care about and transform your digital time into a force for good.

Waiting for an Uber

Waiting for your Uber just became an opportunity to radiate positive vibes. While you wait, open WishWell and send a blessing to a friend. Imagine the joy they’ll feel receiving your heartfelt wish. It’s a small act of kindness that can turn the mundane into a meaningful moment.

In Line at Starbucks

Line ups are perfect for a dose of compassion. Instead of scrolling through your phone, take a moment to bless a Wish. Whether it’s a friends’ or a global wish, your wait time is now place to give generously.

Sitting in the Washroom

Yes, even the washroom can be a place for positivity 😉 The next time you find yourself with a few quiet moments, open WishWell and send a blessing. It’s a discreet way to spread love, with your wishes making someone’s day brighter.

On Public Transportation

Public transportation is an excellent opportunity for WishWell blessings. Close your eyes, put on your favorite calming meditation or prayer, and send positive energy to a friends Wish. Your daily commute becomes a journey of compassion.

First Thing in the Morning or Just Before Bed

Start your day with an act of kindness by incorporating WishWell into your morning routine., Take a moment to send a blessing. It sets a compassionate tone for the day ahead. As you wind down for the night, conclude your day with a WishWell blessing. It’s a beautiful way to end the day on a positive and loving note.

The beauty of WishWell is its ability to turn ordinary moments into extraordinary acts of compassion because it’s all happening straight from your mobile device. By integrating WishWell blessings into your daily routine, you not only uplift others but also create a positive and mindful space for yourself. So, the next time you find a spare moment, seize the opportunity to spread love and make the world a brighter place—one wish at a time!

Warning: Using WishWell for prolonged periods of time may cause symptoms of connectedness, enhanced wellbeing, and good vibes. User discretion advised. Download with caution today.

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