Studies show it takes a village for us to thrive and the strength of your relationships is directly correlated to your wellbeing. Our WishWell app was built to actively nurture community bonds by providing a secure space where individuals can seek support, give back, and deepen relationships through micro-acts of compassion.

The Communities feature was built to amplify your wish in a safe space to ask for help. We see it as one of the most important components on our roadmap as the app grows post-launch.

Here are all the ways WishWell supports your community, no matter the size:

How WishWell Elevates Communities

A Safe Haven for Support

Communities on WishWell serve as safe spaces where individuals feel comfortable asking for support. In a world where vulnerability is often met with judgment, WishWell encourages users to open up, share their dreams, and seek assistance from those they trust. The sense of community fosters an environment where asking for help is not a sign of weakness but a testament to the strength of shared bonds.

Strengthening Bonds Through Giving

The essence of “We before Me” is coded in WishWell’s DNA. Within your chosen community, the act of giving takes on a profound significance. It’s not just about individual aspirations; it’s about the collective journey towards creating a supportive and interconnected network.  Are you part of a meaningful community?  A compassionate community? A group that uplifts and shows up when needed? When community members feel seen and held, it creates a container for each person to thrive.

“Community is medicine. We need a safe place to go to say, “I’m ready to change this aspect of my life,” or “I’m asking for help in this season that I’m going through. Will you see me in this highest version? Will you see me in love?”

For your people to rally for you, to show up for you, to hold that vision for you is so powerful because it deepens the sacred bonds that are the foundation of community. It strengthens how we continue moving forward to show up for each other in vulnerability, in the ways we rally for each other, in the ways that we are willing to ask for help and dream bigger.

Once we understand that collectively we can change our lives internally and externally just from shifting our attention, I don’t know what community wouldn’t want to leverage the tools of WishWell.”
— Leena Wilde, WishWell Ambassador”

Building Relationships That Last

WishWell provides tools that go beyond the superficial, allowing community members to interact on a deeper level through sharing vulnerable asks, love, and gratitude. This transforms virtual spaces into vibrant communities where individuals share a sense of purpose and belonging.

Tools for Stronger Relationships

The option to create wishes exclusively within a community ensures that the dreams shared are seen by those who genuinely care. This focused interaction fosters a sense of intimacy, trust, and shared purpose, laying the foundation for stronger and lasting relationships.

How to Bring Your Community to WishWell

Whether your friends, family, colleagues, or local organization, inviting your community to the WishWell app is easy. To create your first community visit Home (Blessings)>My WishWell>My Communities and hit the green + button in the lower right-hand screen.

Here are the details you will input to get started:

Name Your Community: Give it a meaningful name that reflects its purpose and identity.
Upload a Picture: Add a visual element that resonates with the essence of your community.
State the Purpose: Clearly articulate the objectives and aspirations of your community.
Invite Your Members: Extend invitations to community members to start supporting each other’s Wishes. Users not on the app will receive an iMessage to join.

Bringing your community to WishWell isn’t just about creating a digital space; it’s about fostering a sense of belonging, support, and shared dreams. The platform’s tools and design encourage a culture where the well-being of the collective is prioritized. By embracing the power of community on WishWell, individuals can experience the joy of mutual support, forge lasting relationships, and actively contribute to the uplifting tapestry of shared dreams.

Join WishWell, where communities thrive, and together, we make dreams come true.

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