Unconditional Inclusion

All are welcome at WishWell. Supporting each other is the only thing we do. As a safe space for our community, we do not tolerate hate speech, swearing, shaming, and inappropriate or sexual content.

Respected Privacy 

The nature of WishWell’s safe space is the vulnerability of our users’ wishes. We ask that you keep wishes, blessings, and gratitude compassionately confidential to you and not shared with others outside of your WishWell community. 

Unified Intentions

The purpose of WishWell is to ask for help, give support, or share gratitude. Any other action is not in alignment with the intention of our platform. Please refrain from promoting any products or services.

Stronger Together

Communities are created on WishWell through intention. This is your safe space for your friends, family, and loved ones to strengthen the fibers of your network through unified action in creating wishes, performing blessings, and sharing gratitude. We ask that you protect your communities by keeping them private, inclusive, and positive. 

The Gift of Presence 

Unlike all other apps, WishWell is purposely crafted to spend the present moment giving to others. We ask that when using the app, your attention is loving and focused. Our collective goal is 8 blessings of goodwill per day, per user.

Community Autonomy

To help us remain inclusive, positive, safe, and diverse, we ask you to report any wish, blessing, user, or community that goes against our Community Guidelines. If you see something you think may violate our guidelines, please let us know. All flagged items are reviewed by WishWell and if deemed inappropriate, may be deactivated or deleted.  

V 1.0 July 1st, 2023

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