Anne lives in Amsterdam, Netherlands

Our Love Ambassadors help us co-create a more compassionate world by gifting tattoo blessings at their retreats, events, on travels, or to strangers along the way. Here’s what Anne had to say about her journey as one of the first Ambassadors for WishWell Village:

Tell me about your experiences activating love with the WishWell tattoos:

The best thing about activations is people’s reactions. A few days later, or like a few weeks later, they will come to me and tsay, “What is the tattoo you gave me? It really works!” or “Guess what? This and that happened. Or this and that happened.”

Their wishes do come true, they’re just blown away by it and that just fills my heart. I also love to have a little moment with people to dive into what they’re really longing for and what they really desire and wish to experience in their lives. It is beautiful to get to the core of their wish by asking a few questions. I also noticed that they will get more clarity.

Then, together, we make this little ritual with the tattoo, and they can really feel it already. And of course, by this, I tell them, “[Your wish] is already here, you’re just embodying it now, so you’re attracting it.” This beautiful tattoo is just a little reminder of all that’s already inside of us.

Can you remember any special moments?

I had one amazing experience with someone who I was discussing lucid dreaming with. I was explaining to him how the tattoo worked and he exclaimed, “Wow, what is this?!” It was just a whole new world opening up for him and his wish with the tattoo became to have a lucid dream.

The next day he came to me like, “No way! And are you kidding me?” I had a lucid dream tonight last night and it was just amazing. I was so happy and so, so amazed by the magic of this. I love it. I love to awaken the magic again in people’s systems.

I have made a lot of beautiful connections activating love. It’s a great way to get to know someone on a deeper level. And it’s a great conversation starter as well. It’s just a beautiful gift. You can give it to everyone. It’s just you. You’re giving a wish to someone and what a present is that. It’s beautiful.

If you are interested in spreading the love in-person through our tattoo blessings, learn more about becoming an Ambassador here.

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