Activate Love

Want to help us co-create a more connected, compassionate world? Join our global team of Wish Angels to help spread the in-person and digital WishWell tools with the collective.

Share Tattoos

Gift and give blessings

Tattoo Blessings

Our tattoos have travelled all around the world. From a shared moment between two strangers to large events like Tony Robbins, they are our currency of love.

Wear the Symbol

Spread the love

Village Store

Help us make compassion contagious. The one-of-a-kind Zeroone symbol has connected strangers in far away lands.


Bring Your Community

Compassion begins with us

WishWell App

We believe we have the power to positively change the lives within our communities through our attention and focus. Invite your community to our app and let the transformation begin.

Co-Create with Us

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