It’s no secret that social media can have negative effects on our mental health, leaving us more disconnected than ever. The mindless habit of scrolling on these platforms throughout our day is a socially accepted norm, yet many of us are looking for a new alternative for our time and attention.

It’s here and we built it backed by science. Enter WishWell: A mobile tool to transform your attention into goodwill. When we started testing the commercial app, while it took a few days to integrate into my routine, the time spent on WishWell versus on social platforms exponentially elevated my well-being. I was no longer interested in even checking my social media accounts and woke up each morning excited to send love and gratitude.

10 Reasons to Delete Your Social Media and Use WishWell Instead

“Ten Arguments for Deleting Your Social Media Accounts Right Now” is a thought-provoking book written by Jaron Lanier, and published in 2018. The book presents a critical examination of the negative impacts and consequences of using social media platforms.

Lanier, a computer scientist and virtual reality pioneer, offers ten compelling arguments urging readers to consider quitting social media. WishWell’s design and philosophy directly correlate with the ten arguments presented in the book and I was inspired to share:

#1 Addiction and Manipulation

WishWell’s mindful approach promotes balanced usage. Users engage with the app intentionally, focusing on supporting others’ wishes and receiving compassionate blessings rather than getting caught in addictive loops (because there are none).

#2 Surveillance Capitalism

WishWell places user privacy and data security at the forefront. It does not exploit personal information for profit, safeguarding users’ sensitive interactions and wishes.

#3 Fake News and Disinformation

Here, there is only love, genuine acts of compassion, and empathy. WishWell is a tool, not a platform. It does not house any news, information, or opinion, rather, it is a hub of compassion where you feel safe to ask for support and feel good supporting others.

#4 Eroding Empathy and Civility

The act of sending blessings in response to wishes promotes empathy and civil discourse. Users are encouraged to uplift one another, fostering a kind and respectful environment.

#5 Mental Health Impacts

WishWell’s micro-acts of kindness, safe haven for emotional support, and science-proven benefits of witnessing compassion are carefully crafted to help combat our mental health crisis and an epidemic of isolation. Our app will help you feel better while doing good.

#6 Manipulation of Behaviour

WishWell’s only focus is compassionate engagement and awareness. There are no, and never will be, algorithms or bots attempting to manipulate behaviour. You are in control of what you share, who you share it with and what is shared with you.

#7 Loss of Personal Agency

WishWell invites you to choose what you see (goodwill) and how you direct your attention. We empower users to express themselves authentically through their wishes and blessings. The app values individuality and personal agency in cultivating meaningful connections.

#8 Threat to Democracy

WishWell’s focus on compassion and empathy bridges ideological divides. The sole purpose to be on the platform is to ask or support another. No opinions being expressed. Just pure human connection.

#9 Time Wasting

WishWell encourages purposeful engagement. Users spend their time supporting wishes, sending blessings, sharing gratitude, and experiencing genuine connections rather than mindlessly scrolling through endless content.

#10 Diminished Human Connection

WishWell serves as a hub for genuine human connection. Through personal notes, blessings, and gratitude exchanges, users experience the depth of meaningful interactions that traditional social media often lacks.

By aligning with Lanier’s principles, WishWell redefines the possibilities of online interaction, emphasizing the positive impact individuals can have on each other’s lives. While you don’t have to delete your social media accounts to use WishWell, just redirecting a few minutes of your day can have significant benefits. Reclaim your attention and choose to put your time towards your loved ones — science shows it will benefit you much more than any social media platform.

Join WishWell, exclusively on Apple iOS.

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